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Dog Park
Dog Park is the perfect setting for your dog to be able to run free, your dogs can get exercise, play with other dogs or just rest in a comfortable and controlled setting area.
Swimming Pool(for dogs only)   Agility Playground
3 swimming pools for dogs with 24 hours filter.
  10,000 sq fit grassland with obstacles for playing agility sportand running exercise.
BBQ     Grooming  
5,000 sq fit BBQ area for party and gathering.   we provide grooming service for your dog.
Fees Schedule
Annual fee: The 1st dog is $300, the 2nd dog and after coming dog is $250 each
2 people can get free entry when dog had been paid for actitives, $20 will be charged for additional person)
Swimming Pool   Agility Playground
  Member* Non-Member
Size Amt Amt
Small $80 $140
Medium $90 $150
Large $110 $160
Extra Large - $180
(45 minutes per section, self-grooming facility & 2 hours Agility Playground)
  Member* Non-Member
Size Amt Amt
All Size $80 $110

2 hours per section

*Not included self-grooming facility

Rules & Regulations
· If more than 40 dogs in the pool area, may be required to hold up to get into the pool.
· Never leave your dog unattended.
· Bring your dog to toilet and to rinse before going to the pool.
· Always clean up after your dog using the dog toilet area , we have poopbags, so please pay attention and pick up the poop.
· Make sure your dog has a valid license.
· Don't bring any dogs whose younger than 4 months old, they won't have had all the necessary vaccination that allow them to play with other dogs.
· Close all doors to the dog park or dog run after entering or exiting.
· Do not bring food and drinks inside the park.
60, Fan Kam Road, Pat Heung, Yuen Long, N.T.

Phone no.  : 2488 6736

What's app : 9419 7932

Email                      :
Opening Hours     :    Monday – Sunday (except CNY) 10:00am – 6:00pm